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06:00 am: House Shopping, part 12786, day 3 (back in Longmeadow)
We have four contenders on our list, three backups, and a couple we haven't seen and are inclined to cross off just from house-hunting fatigue.

The contenders are:
1 - The house in Amherst I described the other day. This one's my favorite. I love the house, love the yard, love the neighborhood, love the town. However, the price is a bit high and it seems a bit silly to go for the community with schools that aren't quite as good (and no damned sidewalks).

2 - A Tudor in Longmeadow that is absolutely lovely. There's no yard to speak of, unfortunately (Peter has mixed feelings about yards - like me, he loves the space; unlike me, he does the mowing). The kitchen's a bit small and entirely white, which seems like asking for trouble. The basement floor was just painted, so we didn't get to see it. But the house is really gorgeous. Incredible woodwork. Great setup for us. Lots o' space, configured quite well for our needs.

3 - A Colonial in Longmeadow. Also lovely. Smallish yard (but not as small as #2). Not as interesting or as beautiful as #2, but just fine. On a slightly busy street (though not the busy end of it).

4 - An "executive Cape" in Longmeadow, which we've been following for nearly a year. Again, lovely. Big yard. Very busy street. And it's a short sale, which could mean a level of stress and anxiety that we're not willing to deal with.

The alternates are:
1 - A Colonial very similar to #3 (even on the same street), but a little smaller and cheaper.
2 - Ditto (different, but also slightly busy, street), but with a large and gorgeous yard that's in 2 states (MA & CT), which is interesting and sorta fun but means slightly more complicated taxes.
3 - A smaller and mostly exquisite Colonial that looks like a bungalow. One room is inexplicably not exquisite (not hideous, but not remotely lovely) and the neighborhood isn't my favorite.

Our realtor (not the fuckwit; I quite like this one) is checking to see if all have high-speed internet, 'cause that's a show-stopper. If the inspection this morning goes well, we'll head back out the weekend after next to decide where to make an offer.


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Date:August 26th, 2008 02:57 pm (UTC)

What a lovely position to be in...

...that also must suck.

You have so many choices and the time (they didn't get an offer 12 minutes after they went up for sale) to look and study and think about it. Which means you get to agonize over every detail and weigh pros and cons until you're blue in the face. And ultimately, it's a chance you're going to take and hope that the house you choose has even better 'advantages' than you knew of before you bought.

We bought too small of a house, but with a fenced in yard and space enough to someday expand, in a neighborhood close to Rt 95. What we got was lots of bugs, but really great neighbors that my dd will grow up with or looking up to. And these 'big brothers and big sisters' are the good kind. Something that wasn't apparent at the Open House. We bought a hideously small kitchen, in a neighborhood with no sidewalks... but in a Very Walkable neighborhood that dd and I have been walking through this summer and meeting every dog and toddler on their walks.

I can't wait to see your new lovely, perfectly-suited-to-you home. You'll make the right decision, after you evaluate with your head, feel with your heart. You''ll know.
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Date:August 26th, 2008 03:01 pm (UTC)

I hope I'll know..

Gotta see 'em again. Gotta see whether they accept our offer (whoever "they" may be). With so many choices,* we could just put in an offer someplace and move on to the next one if the offer isn't accepted. Lack of haggling has its appeal.

:shrug: We'll figure it out. First: get through the inspection (any minute now?).

* though so many fewer than there were - we went out there with 28 to look at, and we had 77 on the list at one time!
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Date:August 26th, 2008 03:44 pm (UTC)
so if you sleep in a tent on the CT part of the yard half the time, do you have to pay CT income taxes too? ;)

good luck with the decisions. I know you'll make whichever house you choose into a lovely home.
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Date:August 26th, 2008 07:06 pm (UTC)

Maybe if I use my laptop in a tent on the CT side...

such complications!
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