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06:00 am: first day back at work
My folks helped us get a ton of stuff done this weekend (thankyouthankyouTHANKYOU), so the house almost kind sorta maybe feels a bit like we're, I dunno, here. Which is good, 'cause I'm gonna be closeted in the office for the next 5 days, catching up. Despite working at least a couple of hours a day for most of my vacation (the exception was the day we moved out of the old house), I still have a pile o' stuff to address.

Teddy has a cold, I have cramps, Peter's crabby, the weird electrician is back (finally installing more GFI outlets in the kitchen), the chimney sweep swept the chimney this morning, and the plumber's coming later this week to see if we can do a tankless water heater.

So the work continues. I have to seal the door we'll be using as a desktop in the non-work side of the office, assemble a file cabinet and another bookcase (different kind), install a bunch of clothes hooks and a couple of towel hoops (and maybe a towel rod), change the curtains in the playroom, finish unpacking (just 3 boxes of clothes left, but still tons of files and books), hook up the stereo, and hang up pictures, gargoyles, and the corbel.

Peter needs to shuffle some stuff around in the basement (so we have a place to put the file cabinet[s] there) and the garage (so we have a place to put the car).

Purchases to be made soon include more file cabinets, probably more bookcases, toy storage, office storage (not files - desktop-y stuff) mattress & box spring, and another computer.

We could theoretically get it all done next weekend, but I suspect it'll take some months to finish.

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Date:October 27th, 2008 06:09 pm (UTC)

Impressive progress!

What a lot you three have gotten done!! I'm very impressed with your focus, your speed, your thoroughness -- very impressive progress. Particularly with houseguests right in the middle! (Of whom you took such good care.) :)

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