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06:00 am: another day, another surgery
Not so nervous this time, except about nursing. Much shorter surgery (~10 minutes), but the anesthesiologist said to pump 'n' dump for 24 hours. (After the lap chole, it was just one P&D, which should've been about 4 hours, but ended up longer 'cause I stayed in the hospital.)


Talked to Teddy's NP and to a lactation consultant. Looked up the drugs that they'll administer in the AAP and Hale. From what I've been told and everything I've read, the longest I really need to P&D is 12 hours, and that's with a really comfortable margin. Most sources say that (with rare exceptions), you can nurse as soon as you're comfortable, with no pump 'n' dump. I'll talk to the anesthesiologist about it again today, in the hopes that he'll drop it back to 6. Even if he keeps saying 24, I'm comfortable with 12.

'Cause the boobs? They are magic. And without the magic, there is misery.

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