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06:00 am: Beans, Beans, The Musical Fruit
If I ever wondered whether Teddy remembers anything, I can stop now.

The other day, Teddy told me he wanted to eat beans. I wasn't sure if we had any beans, but sho'nuff, there was one jar of all-organic, no-GEI beans (with brown rice, natch) left.

Oddly enough, Teddy got very upset when I got the jar off the shelf. When dumb-dumb Mama couldn't figure out what he wanted, he toddled to the kitchen, took me by the hand, dragged me to the other side of the room (all 4 feet), and pointed at the treat cabinet.

He wanted jellybeans. We haven't had jellybeans in the house for months. But damned if he didn't remember what they were called and where they were kept.

Fortunately, he found sour-patch gummi bears to be a reasonable substitute. Because heaven knows what would've happened if he'd had to eat, y'know, beans.

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