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07:18 pm: Please sir, may I have some more?
Given Mr. Bumble's histrionic response to Oliver's very polite request for a second helping of gruel, I don't think he'd care for Teddy's endless demands for MORE MORE MORE. More popsicles (of course). More outside. More drawing. More Elmo. And always more nursing.

When I got out of the bath tonight, Teddy was very sad. He made many, many requests for more nursing (polite requests, actually, which is not as usual as I'd like). Since I clearly wasn't. getting. it., he would say "more nurse" and point emphatically into the tub, indicating that, really, Mooooother*, it's time to get back into the tub with me and nurse some MORE.

* I mean this as "muther," but "moo" seems appropriate here too. :sigh:

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