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06:50 am: Kalahari or pingpong?
Teddy's newest vocalization, an extension of the lip-smacking "kissing" we love so much, is clicking. Peter and I happily click back at him, so the Haney household sounds like a tribe of Sho Bushmen... or a pingpong tournament.

He's also taking great pleasure in sticking out his tongue; he's particularly cute when he's working hard at something, holding that tiny tongue hard between those tiny, toothless gums. I'm so glad we didn't have his frenulum snipped! His sweet little tongue is perfect the way it is.

His gums are getting whiter, harder, and sharper, but still no teeth. His pain is heartbreaking. He tries anything and everything to make it feel better (we try Tylenol and Baby Orajel, but the relief seems temporary and incomplete). Gum massage is still one of his favorites, though gnawing on something nubby is good too.

Current Mood: awakeawake, if only barely
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