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06:00 am: conversations
With Teddy's increasing vocabulary, he seems to keep up a running monologue much of the time. His excitement at being able to (sorta) describe his world is palpable. He does get frustrated when we can't keep up with him. We try, but sometimes it's hard to tell that "DADDY!" means "this is Daddy's chair and I'm going to climb up on it" rather than "Daddy should come here" or "Daddy sits here."

Fortunately, he's more forgiving about ORANGE POPSICLES (orenj pobbles), and will happily take any color/flavor, though he will sometimes insist that it is, in fact, orange and not green or whatever.

He continues to create interesting word combinations (remember the moon bus?). One recent addition is "duck boat", which is not the amphibious vehicle used to tour Boston, but rather the big bathtub duck on whose back the little ducks ride. Sometimes it's Mama Duck, but mostly it's duck boat (though the little ducks are still baby ducks).

After a marathon nursing night, Teddy's likely to have a very heavy diaper. Apparently I always say so (usually "dooooode! that's a heavy diaper!"), as he's been chiming in with "heavy! heavy diaper!" He's extended the concept to other heavy things, like the bead maze at my parents' house, which he dragged across the floor saying "heavy!"

This morning in bed, he read "Good Night, Moon" to himself while I stumbled around doing my wake-up stuff. He sat next to Peter on the bed, flipping pages and saying "Moon!" "Cow!" "Hush!"

On a less charming note, he's now insisting that he has boo-boos on his fingers -- three days after I cut his fingernails.

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