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06:00 am: A Positive Inverse
"Bye" is a decidedly mixed thing to say. One never knows when the person to whom one is saying "bye" is returning, and presumably one would not be saying "bye" if one did not care about that person. So while it's fun saying and waving "bye," it's sometimes difficult to be entirely enthusiastic about it. (With the noted exception of when one is using The Power of Language to express one's desire to leave. now. BYE!)

"Hi," on the other hand, is always a wonderful message. Which might explain why Teddy is popping up all over the place saying "HI!" in everyone's face.

Just woke up? HI!
Just came in the room? HI!
Glanced up from your book? HI!
Noticed a small child's appearance on your lap? HI!
Playing peek-a-boo? HI!
Sitting on the toilet, hoping for a moment of privacy? HI!

* * * * *

You may recall that Teddy does not like pajamas with feet. Now that it's finally getting chilly again at night (hallelujah), I put Teddy in his car PJs, which have feet. Or, as Teddy describes them: shoes. I thought the cars might distract him from the footed-ness, but no... "Shoes, Mama." "SHOES!"

And he still won't sleep with them on. Dammit.

* * * * *

New word combinations:
hot and cold
more hair (remove that additional hair, please)
Daddy play firetruck (a suspicious speculation on where Daddy is)
big Mommy (thanks kid)
Mommy back here (a command, issued from bed when Mommy went to the loo)
Sky star, moon, airplane (response to query: "what's in the sky?")

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