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06:30 am: if it ain't one thing...
it's another. Teddy was doing really well with the transition to his crib, but then I went off to Chicago for that one day, and :kaboom!: it's two steps back again. After a week, he's back in the crib for more than half the night, which is great. But he was up 11ish to 1ish last night (off and on) nursing. It's mostly my fault, because I'm not as good as judging when he's ready for the crib as I used to be. If I don't catch him at the right time, he wakes right back up again, crawls in with me, and wants to nurse again.

He is happily going to sleep in the crib all by himself, which is great.

But the waking? Oh the waking! I could really do without the waking.

And I know that when he does finally start sleeping through the night, I'll wake up anyway in anticipation. Two years of interrupted sleep will do that.

That and the diuretics.

* * * * *

He's also been somewhat anxious about where I am. "Mommy here?" "Mommy here!" "MOMMY BACK HERE!" Peter says he's fine when I'm in the office (after doing a careful inspection to be sure that "Mommy's at work" doesn't mean "Mommy's working in her office, just waiting to hear "HI!"), though he's very clingy when I get home.

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