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12:00 pm: Is there an echo in here?
Teddy repeats everything we say. When he's in the mood. Or he tries, anyway.

So "Mama ye kaput" (Mommy's kaput) becomes: "Mama put"

Last night, Teddy was more interested in the foot saj with shun (massage with lotion) that Peter was giving me (I love that man) than in other parts of our bed-time ritual, so I interrupted myself reciting Good Night, Moon.

"There were three little bears, sitting on chairs... oh, you don't care!"

"Don't care!" said Teddy, truthfully.

* * * * *

After a busy night of nursing (dammit), Teddy woke up this morning and slid off the bed. I staggered out to take my medications and turn on the computer. For once, Teddy didn't have a conniption fit at my distraction. Instead, he toddled into the office, shielding his eyes from the light, and demanded "MORE BUS!"

Because everyone should start the day by googling images of buses.

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