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06:00 am: Green Pobbles
For a couple of weeks, Teddy has been insisting on green pobbles (popsicles) after dinner.

We don't have any green pobbles. We only had green pobbles for a very short time, when Peter bought the nasty, corn-syrup-filled (but ever-so-conveniently-sized) regular popsicles. Now that we're back to the all-fruit ones, it's orange, wildberry, or, umm... some other red flavor.

So we've been giving Teddy mostly red pobbles. Sometimes he'll eat them, but often he'll have a bite or two, then reject them ("no way!").

Last night, light dawned over Marblehead: To Teddy, "pobble" isn't a popsicle, per se, it's a sweet, frozen food. He wants green ice cream.* He says ice cream, too, so it didn't occur to us that our definition of pobble was insufficient.

I served up some ice cream, to which Teddy responded with a big smile, a sigh, and "greeeeen!"

* * * * *

This morning, rather than start the day by reading some books and nursing, Teddy insisted "Mama up help walk downstairs train PB!" So I (eventually) headed downstairs. He wanted "DARK" and agreed the PB was "TOO BRIGHT," so he sat across the room to watch his train DVD.

* Yes, Edy's dyes their mint chocolate chip slow churned ice cream.

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