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06:00 am: made possible with the support of...
Teddy stayed at my folks' house yesterday while Peter and I had our first date since last January. We went to Cirque du Soleil's "Corteo," which we thoroughly enjoyed (we especially liked the hopping about on beds).* We could've done without listening to the woman behind us, who apparently had no filter between her brain and her mouth -- or perhaps was so delusional that she thought everyone wanted to hear what she thought of everything. Funny how that would be utterly charming coming from a child, but is intrusive coming from an adult.

Anyway, Teddy had never spent so long without me or Peter before, especially away from home. And he did great, to everyone's relief. He had a nice nap, ate well, played contentedly, and didn't have a meltdown until we got home. I believe Mum was the primary gatekeeper, while Dad did the heavy lifting (including diaper duty, lucky guy).

It was fun to have an afternoon as grown-ups, though I missed Teddy. I look forward to taking him to his first circus, but it won't be Cirque du Soleil. Probably Big Apple, this spring. I just have to convince Peter to come along.

* I did like "Varekai" even better, and "O" best of all. I don't remember "Saltimbanco", "Dralion", or "Allegria" any more, but it's been years since I saw them.

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