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06:00 am: the happy bump truck saves the evening
Or maybe it was a hebby (heavy) dump truck. It's hard to tell.

My folks, my brother, and my nephew came over to celebrate Peter's birthday last night. Teddy was shy and wouldn't eat... hell, he wouldn't even look at me. He sat in his highchair with his head turned to smoosh against its back and was generally anti-social.

To avoid the dinner-table breakdown that was definitely in the offing, I scooted Teddy off to watch his Construction Vehicles video on the PB. He was happy and quiet while we ate dinner. By the time we adjourned to the living room for dessert, he was extremely sociable. He was kissing everybody (the first time I recall his having kissed anyone but Peter or me), urging "Gramma help boy truck," and pulling on Grandpa's pants so he could go "up sky."

He got a glimpse of the crackpot* soaking in the sink, with all its BUBBLES, and so insisted on BUBBLES for his bath. Which was fine... he was still pretty well covered in chalk from drawing outside earlier. After an extended bubblebath, he was squeaky clean and ready for a long night of nursing.

* crockpot

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Date:October 16th, 2006 03:53 pm (UTC)

Happy Belated

Happy Belated birthday to Peter!!!
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