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04:35 pm: Vacation Highs and Lows
High: Teddy learned to say "achoo" and sorta blow his nose.
Low: He needed to blow his nose a lot, because he got a cold.
High: Verbs are suddenly a big part of his vocabulary. In addition to nurse, walk, and eat, he's now saying "do it," "have it," "climb," and "pinch" (Peter is particularly delighted with the last one, as it seems to be coupled with "Daddy" in Teddy's mind -- HA!).
High: We rode on a bus! and a boat! and in a car!
Low: It was never exactly the vehicle Teddy wanted at that moment... He's pretty particular under ordinary circumstances; when he's sick, he's very, very specific.
High: 3/4 nights were really good for sleeping (only 2 wake-ups last night! w00t!)
Low: 1/4 sucked. But we were pretty pleased over all.
High: Teddy ate fish! and broccoli! and couscous!
Low: And apple fritters, Hostess Glo-balls, ice cream, and cookies. And not much else.
High: Teddy can identified every. single. vehicle. in his "Construction Vehicles" video.

No wait... that's a low. After Dad had seen the video about 3 times, he admitted that he'd seen it enough. We must've seen it at least a dozen -- this weekend.

LOW: I can identify every vehicle in the video, too.

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