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11:59 am: Ma Haney's Fat Bottom
As I was getting dressed this morning, Teddy patted my butt with both hands and said "big bottom! Mommy's big bottom!"

Thanks, kid.

* * * * *

His language development is fascinating to me. He repeats things, but also seems to be figuring out some sentence construction (well, word order, anyway) - and of course there are the charming fill-in-the-blanks like Peter's aborted "son of a...", which Teddy so helpfully completed.

On the walk home from the train yesterday, Teddy was chattering away (humming at times, too, which I find delightful):

"Mommy! Baby Mommy shoulder!" (He wanted to ride on my shoulders.)

"Bench! Up bench! 'Nother bench! Baby up bench!" (Oh the glory that is the series of benches on our way home.)

"Bye-bye Daddy! Daddy pizza!" (Peter picked up pizza on the way home.)

"Bye-bye baby donkey!" (I wouldn't let him stand in someone else's yard to gaze upon the small, decorative cement donkey - with flowerpot panniers, of course.)

He commented on dinner as well (there's very little he doesn't comment on, these days): "Mmmm mmm pizza! More pizza! More Fresca!"*

* * * * *

After more nurse and more tickles this morning, Teddy wanted more animals. When I wasn't fast enough to catch on, he prompted me: "Animal say..." So we had a rousing game of "who says 'moo' [/neigh/baa/meow/arf/squeak/quack/cockadoodledoo/mama/etc]" and "what does the [animal] say," with Teddy chiming in with both noises and names.

* pizza and Fresca are both organic, right?

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Date:October 16th, 2006 03:58 pm (UTC)


Oh Kate. The part about patting your bottom was priceless. Not true, but priceless - I actually burst out laughing because I can imagine Nicolas doing/saying something similar.

At least he did it to you and not some stranger on the street :-)
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Date:October 16th, 2006 08:49 pm (UTC)


It is priceless (it is also true, alas, but I'm working on that). Fortunately, Teddy is still too shy to touch strangers. Lord knows what he might say, though...
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