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12:09 pm: Teddy & Movies
Teddy likes movies. Not quite as much as videos about construction equipment or trains or fire engines, but he does like movies. If we say "no more PB," he will inevitably respond, with great hope: "movie?"

His recall surprises me. He's seen "Lilo and Stitch" just once, and that some weeks ago, but yesterday he pointed to the (tiny) picture on the DVD cover binding and said "Stitch." This was before we decided on "The Muppet Movie," which he seemed to enjoy. There's a ghost-town show-down between Kermit and Doc Hopper (the evil entrepreneur who wanted Kermit to be the spokesfrog for his chain of restaurants specializing in :gasp: frogs' legs). After Kermit steps through the swinging doors from the saloon onto the main street, the camera shows the empty street opposite, playing ominous (to the extent that Muppets are ever ominous) music.

Teddy said: "UH OH!"

After the Muppets, Teddy made many requests for the "bang bang car" movie, but I successfully distracted him with toy cars. "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" is a bit long under ordinary circumstances; after another full-length movie, it was just too much.

This morning, he passed over the bang bang car movie and requested the monkey movie.

"Curious George," perhaps? No.
"George of the Jungle," then? No way.

Aha! "Jungle Book," one of my favorites. He liked it too.

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