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06:00 am: The Digger
Peter took Teddy to the playground yesterday, but the playground was closed.

This was good news, as it turns out. Instead of the playground, there was :gasp: a digger. Teddy has been talking about the digger ever since. When they came home, he prattled on and on: "Mommy! Digger! Digger! Lordylordylordy doodle mutter mutter grumble DIGGER, MOMMY! zubzub mumble mutter DIGGER!"

When he was resisting sleep last night (he was upset that Peter was at Reiki class), I finally got him into his crib by suggesting he lie down and tell me about the digger. One squeak and -- I swear -- 45 seconds later he was asleep.*

After nursing this morning (he wanted to nurse next to Daddy, instead of alone with me), he wanted to go downstairs to watch the digger on PB. He's watched Baby Einstein and Mr. Rogers recently instead, thank goodness, but apparently we're back to the digger. Not the bump truck, mind you, the digger.

* And it was an excellent night, too: just two wake-ups. w00t!

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