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06:21 am: 25 years
We went to my 25th high school reunion last night. I don't think I've matured any since then, but I've sure aged.* But then, so has almost everyone else - some of my old classmates seem very, very old. Some look exactly the same.

It's strange how my perspective has changed. Someone I remembered as very, very tall seems quite a normal height now (that probably comes from my hanging out with some truly very tall people since). People that I don't remember as having been short at all seem suddenly to have shrunk ("suddenly" = overnight when you don't see someone for 25+ years). Someone's vivid red hair has become more subdued. Someone who was A Total Stud is still attractive, but not so studly.

I suspect the last two may have actually changed and the others are more about my change, though the men are almost all balder and the women almost all heavier (but not all, the traitors)... I recognized almost no one.

I did an alternative senior year (I did internships instead of classes for the second half of the year), so I felt fairly well alienated by the time I graduated. Through an administrative snafu, I didn't get a yearbook and I didn't much care for some years thereafter, though I wish I had it now to look back.

Almost no one from my senior-year program was at the reunion: one lovely woman who's also a real extrovert, so I didn't get to spend much time with her, and one man whom I never did find. That's it. But I did get to catch up with some other people. Peter was wonderful - patient and tolerant (many introductions; many repetitions of the same stories). It didn't suck. I'll go to the next one if I can.

My parents and nephew babysat (thankyouthankyou), and Teddy did great. He's still sleeping now, which is a rare and wonderful treat. I missed him last night, but it was nice to have a night out, too. I wish I were sleeping now, but I've got all this revived high-school angst swelling in my brain. A good dose of trashy reading ought to excise it.

* I never was very mature. Responsible, but not... polished.

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