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06:00 am: more pronouns
"See this?" Teddy queried, holding up a crooked, bubble-covered finger (or "elbow," as he calls it). He then drew bump trucks and diggers all over the tub - or so I inferred from his narration of the task.

"Hear that? Airplane," he informed me as he snuggled next to me to go to sleep. It was indeed an airplane intruding on our night-time ritual. Come to think of it, I doubt he thought it was intrusion.

"This nur" and "that nur" also figured large (HA! "Mama's big nur!" is better than Mama's big bottom, anyway) in the evening's activities.

In fact, it occurred to me this morning that I do have one way of knowing whether Teddy is awake when he's nursing: he switches back and forth. When he's sleeping, he stays on one nur until he's full.

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