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07:27 pm: so am I a nur-maid?
...or is Teddy a nur-man (boy)? He was swimming while nursing in the tub tonight.

* * * * *

He prefers to be dressed while standing up these days. He did a perfect demi-plié so I could snap his shirt at the crotch.

* * * * *

He's started asking for hugs... "more hugs" and "two hugs, Mama" are among my favorite things to hear.

* * * * *

I said "I love you so much, Teddy" tonight as he was falling asleep, as I do every night. He replied "so much."

* * * * *

We heard a lot of "oh no!" this weekend, as Teddy bemoans the results of his slap-dash approach to toy care. "Oh no!" the Mama, Daddy, and Baby Duck fell off the tub! (That happens when you push them off, Teddy.) "Oh no!" the crayons are scattered all over the living room! (A natural result of throwing the entire box in the air, Teddy.) "Oh no!" the cars are zooming in all different directions! (As will tend to occur when you tip over the table on which they're lined up, darling boy.)

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