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08:56 am: More trick or treat!
Here's how it went:

"Don't like it!" (The hat to his Hershey's Kiss costume; so I wore it)
"Too big!" (His new shoes)
"Walk Mommy walk!"
"Mommy carry." (Both Teddy and his candy-holding pumpkin)
"Mommy ring doorbell."
Teddy buries his face in Mommy's shoulder as the exchange of "trick or treat," "happy Halloween," and candy occurs.
"More trick treat! Thank you! Happy Halloween! More doorbell!" ...but not until after the generous neighbors were safely behind their doors.

When we got home, it was:
"More trick treat!"
"NO WAY!" (Don't take off my shoes!)
"Walk on sidewalk!" (He was walking on the hearth; I guess it felt like a sidewalk.)

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