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12:25 pm: JOWAH!
Peter recently figured out that Teddy's (frequent) exclamations of "JOWAH!" seem to be his version of "TA DA!" I realized today that it's actually a combination of "TA DA!" and "KOWABUNGA!"

If Teddy jumps off something, he might say "2, 3, 4, 5, 16, JOWAH!"
If he pops up in your face as a surprise, he'll say "JOWAH!"
If he successfully does something on his own, like climbing up something he's not been able to climb by himself, it's "JOWAH!"

* * * * *

To keep Teddy from going nuts when the car stops at a stoplight (he prefers cars that move), Peter has taught him that you have to wait for the green light. If Teddy's paying attention when the light turns, he'll yell "SET, GO!"

You thought it was going to be another JOWAH, didn't you?

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