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09:37 pm: Pregnancy Stories (cross-post from SwingMonkey)
It was suggested that these stories belonged here, so:

Pregnancy hormones make PMS hormones look like total amateurs.

I'm fiercely independent. Always have been. I like to think I'm very rational. When I was pregnant, I would panic if I didn't know where Peter was. Not where in the world... where IN THE HOUSE he was.

Thank goodness that ended when I gave birth. Now I panic if I don't know where Teddy is.

I woke up in the middle of the night CONVINCED that we had to go to the hospital right away RIGHT NOW because the baby was claustrophobic and had to be delivered right away.

I woke Peter up; he had to really work to calm me down and assure me that all indications show that babies like to be squished up in the dark and that ours was not scared and did not have to removed from his terrifying environment immediately.

Rationality is not a big part of pregnancy hormones.

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