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05:21 am: not a toy/weekend plans
Teddy's beginning to understand that some of the things he wants to play with aren't toys: the cow-farmer & tractor (aka salt & pepper shakers), the tiny bus (tchotchke that might be painted with lead paint - and is far too small to be safe anyway), the emory board (a fascinating bright green)... He'll ask for one of those (or grab it if we were dumb enough to leave it within reach), say "not a toy," then let it go.

* * * * *

Teddy, occhi_cinesi, and I are off to Philadelphia this weekend (Peter's celebrating his new citizenship by skipping the visit to the cradle of liberty and staying home to watch stupid movies, drink beer, and scratch - or at least, that's the suspected agenda). We're going to see swingchickie at last!

We're going this particular weekend because it's Baby Loves Disco!, which should be loads of fun as well.

I'm so excited about our trip!!

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