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11:12 am: WHAT a fun weekend!
We got home pretty late last night (and poor occhi_cinesi got home even later), so this won't be the most coherent post ever, but of course I can't resist writing anyway. At great length. Oops.

We had a blast in Philly. swingchickie has a fabulous house! We could've hung out there all weekend and been perfectly happy. Teddy loves the house, which has short staircases that he can do all. by. himself., and the Tom (?) chair, and :swoon: Angus, the enormous, cuddly, fabulous cat. Teddy loved Angus so much that he gave him his truck. Now that is love.

We arrived later than we expected on Friday evening, having had a little bit of trouble with Peg/Gladys/Shirley/Sue Anne the GPS. The trouble mostly involved our not following her directions and thus missing exits and such.

Teddy was fantastic on the trip down. He was very excited about going for a ride in the car, which kept him distracted for an hour or so. Then he fell asleep for a solid two-hour nap. We stopped for a bio break when he woke up, which gave him a chance to run around and burn off energy ("GET YOU!"). After a few minutes back in the car, we broke out the Magic Secret: the portable DVD player. He ended up watching a whole lot more PB than he usually does, but doooode! He was happy! And quiet! Almost the whole way!

After we arrived and did too little chatting and too much eating of (yummy) Chinese food, we crashed. Teddy woke up talking about the sun in his eyes, livened up slowly and sweetly, ate some breakfast, including eggs (my child ate eggs!), ran around, then piled into the car to go to the Buck's County Apple Festival at Peddler's Village. We gorged on apple dumplings and apple fritters, then gave in to Teddy's demands ("don't like it!") to leave the crowded festival and cross the street to the crowded Giggleberry Fair. He hesitated, at first, to try the jiggly car rides (Bob the Builder! A helicopter! An ice cream truck! A taxi! A monster truck!), but OC/AC graciously squished herself in with him and he discovered the Joy of Jiggling.

The highlight of my day was not, oddly enough, the apple dumpling, which was fab-o, or even the delightful company of my delightful friends, but hearing Teddy singing along to the carousel music as he rode the flying pig. I had a HUGE grin on my face the whole ride (despite feeling like puking from riding the carousel facing sideways, so I could hold him). It was just that freakin' wonderful to share in Teddy's joy.

After cramming some more fat and salt into my body (I over-ordered kiddy fare, not knowing what Teddy would eat - he chowed on the pizza and slurped up the mango smoothie, but wouldn't touch the nachos), I waddled back to the car and drove us home.

Details of Philly and Baby Loves Disco in the next post (either noonish or tonight).

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