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03:55 pm: Baby Loves Disco
Although we woke up at about the same time as on Saturday (6:30 - bless you, Eastern standard time), Teddy was not bothered by the sun in his eyes on Sunday morning. Instead, he observed that the "fan goes round and round." He's into round and round these days, I guess: he likes to run around in circles, too.

So we got up and hung out until everyone else woke up, then toddled downstairs for a bracing edition of Thomas the Tank Engine (which, really, I don't ever have to see again in my life) and Baby Einstein's Animals in the Neighborhood before heading to a swell, 50s-style diner for breakfast.

Unfortunately, it didn't occur to me that the jukeboxes in the booths would be wonderful for keeping a toddler busy; I requested a highchair and we were seated at a table. Teddy was not at his best. He did take one bite each out of most of his silver-dollar pancakes, however, and chug back a good portion of his undiluted, non-organic apple juice. He wouldn't eat his eggs (damn! I was hoping Saturday was the dawn of a New Egg Era) or his bacon though. And all he wanted to do was run around the restaurant, preferably outside, where there were posts that he could run round and round, and rocks that he could talk about. (Strangely enough, the diner supposedly gave us a free mug because Teddy was so cute. I say "supposedly" because I didn't witness it and it now occurs to me that someone might've found a way to sneak a gift on me. If so, thank you someone!)

After quite an amazingly efficient time of getting ready, including packing, we left early for Baby Loves Disco. Good thing, because there was a motorcycle rally in downtown Philly (a motorcycle parade of some sort delayed us on our way down Friday, too; fortunately, we were able to avoid the NYC marathon Sunday on the way home).

When we got to Old Town (Old City? Old Philly?), we found parking pretty quickly and got to BLD just on time for the 1:00 opening. Because it didn't actually start until 2:00, we had plenty of time for drinks and snacks at a local coffee shop, as well as a walk around the area. I went into a children's shoe shop to check things out, and was irresistibly drawn to the Robeez rack. They didn't have the digger shoes in Teddy's size, but he was thrilled with the airplanes I got.*

Hey, they're a size 24 months. I haven't been able to find the Target knock-offs any bigger than an 18 months. So it's sorta justified, right?

So. Baby Disco (took me long enough, eh?). What fun. They take over a regular nightclub, clean it (triple-clean it, according to their website), equip a couple of areas for resting/relaxing/nursing (with books, pillows, and stuffed animals), cater it with wholesome food (really good stuff, actually - enough that I could see preventing non-parents from coming just because students might come and scarf up all the good nosh 'cause it's cheap), turn on the lights and the bubble machine, and party down to (mostly) disco music.

I saw kids snoozing in Baby Björns as their Moms danced with their siblings, a spiky-haired little boy hold hands and boogie with his brother (really well), little girls in party dresses twirl around, a toddler sit, mesmerized, under a disco ball, and my own little boy shake his booty.

It was a blast. It was basically a whole mess of parents standing around, bobbing their heads and watching kids boogie. And a lot of the kids were amazingly good dancers - I guess having no inhibitions would help with that. Lots and lots of fun. Teddy ate a ton, danced a whole bunch, punched balloons with great glee, watched the lights and the bubbles, and eventually relinquished his egg-shaped maraca to leave.

When I checked the Baby Loves Disco website today, I was delighted to see that they've added Boston to their locations! (This was not true when I bought the Philly tickets a couple of weeks ago. Not that it would've changed my plans, as the toddler clubbing was a secondary attraction; seeing swingchickie was our reason for going.) So we'll be heading to downtown Boston once a month when it starts in January. w00t!

* I just looked at their website: they have the firetruck shoes up to size 4. I'm doomed.

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