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06:51 am: bathtub commentary
"No no no no no, don't like it!"
Teddy did not want to take a bath alone. OK. I like baths.

He straddles my legs, facing me, and slips toward my feet.
"Teddy slide backwards!"

"Boat! Boat! Boat!" he hollers, pointing up at the shower caddy.
"That's not a boat, Teddy, it's a soap dish."
"Soap dish!"
Much hilarity ensues.

I'm ready to get out of the tub before Teddy is. So I get out. (My child is not the king of the house, despite all appearances to the contrary. No. He's. NOT.)
"Boo boo!"
"Teddy, you don't have a boo boo. You're fine."
"OOOOOUT! Don't like it!"

Teddy has my hair pick and comb in the tub. Peter is sitting next to the tub. Teddy reaches up and picks Peter's hair.
"Hair cut!"

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