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12:00 pm: other children?
Teddy hurt himself while he was getting ready to go swimming this morning. Or at least he claimed he had a boo-boo. I think mostly he was upset that I wasn't going bye-bye in the car with him and Daddy, but he carried on long enough that I thought maybe he really did have a boo-boo (Peter thinks he might have sat on his own hand or something - there was no sign of any injury). I tried cuddling and talking and walking and Mama juice (Fresca), to no avail. (We're not nursing downstairs any more, so I didn't offer.)

I finally carried him out to the living room and sat down. He sniffed and cuddled and talked about his boo-boo. I tried to convince him to go swimming ("don't like it"). I reminded him that he could play with red boats and blue boats and yellow boats and pink boats and orange giraffes. He sniffed and said "Diesel?" Alas, there are no trains at swimming. I told him about all the toys again. Nothin'.

"You can see other children there, Teddy."
"Other children?"

...and off he happily went.

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