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05:47 am: Eduard Scissorhands and Father's Day
It seems to be impossible to keep up with Teddy's fingernails. That, and I apparently do a craptacular job cutting them. I trimmed them Sunday night; Monday morning he had two big scratches on his forehead. He also has a bunch of little scratches on the sides of his nose (from when he rubs his eyes when he's sleepy), a big one on the bridge of his nose, and one on his chin.

Every time I cut them, I worry that I've cut *too* far. Every time, I see something I've missed later. How fast can a baby's nails possibly grow? I'm cutting them 2-3 times a week, fer pete's sake! Argh.

On a cheerier note, we had a lovely weekend. Matt's party was fun. Though the occasion was sad, I'm still denying that he's actually leaving. It was wonderful to see people I haven't seen in so long -- some in over a year (holy Toledo!). Candice, Sarah, Amy, and of course Rebecca and Steve, are all baby veterans; it was a joy to watch each of them with Teddy (who had a great time... talked up a storm).

Sunday was our first Father's Day with Teddy. CVS gave Peter the day off to celebrate (kind of a mixed blessing, as it was unpaid vacation). It was the first day he'd been able to sleep in since he started working two weekend shifts. Teddy gave him a baseball rug, pillow, and cookie. I gave him a Bono (ugh) biography, doughnuts for breakfast, and a partial cleaning of the garage. I'd been bugging him to do it for a while, so that took the pressure off.

It was lovely to have a full day with all three of us, just hanging out. Teddy was in a great mood, too... lots of laughing and talking, and he napped well.

Last night, we did Father's Day at my folks' house, since they were on the Vineyard on Sunday. The gifts I had for Dad were both kind of messed up (a mug with Teddy's picture on it, but the picture didn't come out all that well, and a "mellow mix" CD that I burned, but accidentally burned a song twice), so I wanted to do a nice meal. I made crepes aux fruits de mers and crepes aux epinades et fromages frais; Dave made two enormous salads. I also made three kinds of frozen desserts (ginger ice cream, pineapple sherbet, and lemon sorbet). Dad can't taste much (diabetes -- reduced ability to smell), so I wanted to do strong flavors. I hope he'll have a better day for smelling/tasting before the desserts are all gone.

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