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09:37 am: apple, orange, pear
When Teddy eats fruit, he takes a big bite out of the center of the wedge, maybe a couple of big bites, then feeds the rest of the piece, with the skin, to me or Peter.

He was hungry before bed last night (that happens when you eat no dinner), and requested "apple, orange, pear." So Peter brought up a pear and a whole mess of napkins, and Teddy sat on my lap and wolfed down half the pear, skin and all. He would've eaten the core if I'd let him.

Of course, I then had to change his pajamas, which had become soaked in pear juice.

* * * * *

When Teddy woke up this morning, he called for me. When I went to get him, he said "Daddy," so we went in and nursed in the big bed, next to Daddy. That time, cuddled between my two boys, is one of my favorite times in the world.

After nursing for a while, Teddy leaned over into Peter's face and shared his agenda for the day: "train tracks! dump truck! airplane! car!" Then he kissed his Daddy, kissed me, and demanded "more nur!"

* * * * *

Now we're going downstairs to discover what the elephant tractor (advent calendar) has to offer today.

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