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07:05 pm: busy boy
We try to give Teddy reasons when we don't cooperate with his expressed wishes - "we don't nurse at the dinner table, Teddy" or "Daddy's reading right now; he'll play with you in a few minutes" or "Mommy's cooking; she can't help you right now" or whatever. We hope it helps him to know that we're not totally random and capricious (just occasionally so).

Because this involves conversation with a toddler, it often continues as "Not now Teddy, Mommy's cooking," and finally "Mommy's COOKing, Teddy."

Like everything else we say or do, of course it's come back to bite us.

In the past week or so, if I ask Teddy if he'd like to go downstairs, for instance, he's likely to reply: "I'm NURSing."

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