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08:00 pm: Christmas
We had a lovely Christmas, starting with stockings and a few gifts at home, then venturing forth to my folks' house for the rest of the day.

Teddy was so intent on playing with his new toy tractor that Peter and I left him in the living room while we went to the kitchen to get breakfast. When we returned mere minutes later, he had dumped half his stocking on the floor (and some of Peter's too), so we missed that moment. Oh well. He enjoyed himself and we enjoyed ourselves and we enjoyed watching him enjoy himself, so all was good.

At my folks' house, he was still quite intrigued by his cousin, who seems to view him as a large, very mobile doll. She maneuvers him into position, and is really remarkably patient with his not staying where she puts him. They both enjoyed each other's new tricycles, and both got rather overwhelmed with all the gifts. Teddy ultimately fell asleep on my lap, face down and bottom up like the infant he was such a short time ago.

Come to think of it, he never got to sleep like that as an infant. SIDS prevention and all.

Teddy now thinks all cakes are "happy birthday cakes," so Mum chimed in with "Happy Birthday, baby Jesus" just for the occasion. He also thinks a lot of things are birthday hats, though not, conspicuously, actual hats. More like cars and books and other things he can put on people's heads.

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