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04:00 pm: hot-stone massage
As a holiday gift to myself (if everyone else is indulging me, after all, shouldn't I be indulging myself?), I got a hot-stone massage. It was interesting. I prefer deep-tissue massage, but I'll definitely do hot-stone again, too. I'll bet it's particularly wonderful for soothing menstrual cramps.

I love massages because they feel good and because I sleep well after getting one and because I get a block of completely uninterrupted, completely self-indulgent time just for myself.* I never feel fat during a massage, which I also love. I think it's because the therapist is concentrating on the core, getting down to muscle mass. The cushion around it, however substantial, is irrelevant.

Hot-stone massage is also about the core, but it's about circulation rather than muscle. And part of it involves tucking stones all around your edges. Which makes it kind of hard to ignore where those edges are. For those of us with an expanded perimeter, as it were, this is not as pleasant a sensation (though it is a more accurate one) as feeling like a construction of muscle.

It's also a very oily massage. My therapist said that's to prevent burning, but that's a bit counter-intuitive to me. :shrug: Oh well. Feels good, anyway.

I lactated during the massage, which I've never done with a traditional massage. Maybe there's something to that circulation stuff after all.

* I frequently take hot baths at night, but it's a rare occasion when Teddy doesn't interrupt. That means adding cold water (ugh) so he can climb in. It's fun in its own way, but it's neither private nor particularly relaxing.

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