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04:10 am: not bad
So last night was the first night of the Attempt to Wean from Night Nursing.

It wasn't that bad. My plan is to cut back from as many as 6 nursings a night to maybe 2, then 1, then none, offering Teddy water instead if he wakes up.

He woke up at 1:40, which is a very nice first shift and a good interval for nursing, so I nursed him... Except it was really 11:40 (even with really big numbers on the clock, I seem to perpetually mis-read them). Oh well.

I offered him water when he woke up at 3:30 (a very nice interval indeed for second shift), but he wasn't interested. So we snuggled instead and he went back to sleep for another hour. We snuggled some more. I held off on nursing again until 5ish. Then it was nursing and snuggling until I absolutely had to go to the loo (and he woke up fully) just before 7.

Not bad at all. He fussed a bit about not nursing, but nothing unbearable. It just might be the right time for this.

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