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03:16 pm: morning monologue: on trains
"Help, Mommy! Go downstairs! Get down tracks! Play trains!"

We arrive downstairs. I take down the tracks. We assemble them into an elaborate tableau of bridges, roads, and rails. Street signs, trees, and Sir Topham Hatt are scattered in random, illogical places. I get my breakfast and sit to watch Teddy play, hoping against hope that I will not be recruited to push trains, cars, and various ill-fitting construction vehicles around the tracks.

"Oh no! Percy! Stop sign! Butch! Oh nooooo!" CRASH! Percy and Butch smash together, the stop sign between them. (The stop sign was under the bridge on which they collided -- in other words, there was a toddler conspiracy afoot to create as much mayhem as possible.)

"James! Coal! [chugga chugga choo choo noise] Oh no! Elevator!" CRASH! James and his coal tender smash into the elevator. (The elevator was in the up position, meaning that it was theoretically possible for them to reach it without crashing. Possible, that is, if the aforementioned conspiring toddler is not involved.)

"Tractor! HA HA HA! Oh nooooo!" CRASH! The tractor, which is considerably larger than the Brio tracks on which it was ostensibly traveling, smashes into the mountain.

"Woooo woooo!" The mountain makes noises -- apparently random -- whenever something passes over or through it.

CRASH! "Oh nooooo! Thomas!"

* * * * *

You might think this is a kid who'd seen too many Warner Brothers cartoons (Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, etc.), but in fact he's never seen any. While I don't think he got his love of violent vehicles from Sesame St, I do wonder if the microseconds of "Itchy and Scratchy" might have something to do with it... except that they tend to be about, y'know, dismembering and disemboweling of critters, not car crashes.

Could be Chick, from the Cars movie. He's pretty nasty.


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Date:January 16th, 2007 06:03 am (UTC)
I believe that all small kiddoes have some sort of destruct-o-mode in them. At least Teddy takes it out on toy trains--I tended to dump large bags of flour over my head. And break my crib trying to escape.
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Date:January 16th, 2007 01:51 pm (UTC)

heavens to murgatroyd!

large bags of flour? I gotta keep this kid off the counters. I never thought of that one.

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