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07:06 pm: LBT: Fertility Treatment
This means a week or so of preparatory drugs, then daily shots of fertility drugs, then ultrasounds every couple of days to see how I’m responding, with adjustments to the drug dosage. These were vaginal ultrasounds, I might note, with only water for lubrication, because regular lubricants can mess with the “environment,” i.e., create a chemically unwelcoming spot for eggs & sperm to get together (not enough to use as birth control, but enough to not risk on fertility patients).

When I’ve produced enough ripe ova, FUN at home and FUN in the doctor’s office (Peter gives a sample, they clean it – turns out ejaculate can cause cramping, who knew? – and inject it deep in me). The FUN at home is more fun. By a lot.

We do a round of Follistim, a relatively new medication that didn’t work on me. Then a month off (but NO FUN, because it’s bad to get pregnant while you’re on the preparatory drugs). We switched to Gonal-f, which worked a treat. 4 (?) ova in our first cycle. Alas, not pregnant. Another month with NO FUN. Another round of Gonal-f.

8 ova. Holy Toledo.

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