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06:00 am: "I'm scared!"
Teddy doesn't quite know how to say "I don't like what I think is going to happen very soon," so he says "I'm scared." As in "I'm scared Daddy," which means "I hear Daddy coming downstairs and I think that means Mommy has to leave, and I don't want that to happen." Or "I'm scared bathtub," which means "if we go up and take a bath now, that means we're going to bed soon, and I'd rather keep playing." Or "I'm scared kitchen," which means "I don't want Mommy to go into the kitchen, because she'll be busy cooking and won't be playing with me."

As far as I know, he's never said "I'm scared" when he actually fears something. As far as I know, he doesn't fear anything anyway (though he's often shy at first with groups of people, or with new people). He says "ooooh, dark!" when the lights are turned out. He thinks monsters are funny and vehicles with sirens are fascinating and dogs are wonderful.

* * * * *

It's 6 steps forward, 1 step back on night-time weaning. That's 6 nights of progressively better nights with 1 (last night) not quite as good. Teddy woke up around midnight and wanted to nurse. By which I mean, wanted NURS NOW MOMMY! After an hour or so of conversation ("the nurs are sleeping Teddy; Mommy and Teddy need to sleep, too"), singing ("all the trains are in their sheds and all the boys are in their beds and we all go to sleeeeeep") and cuddling interspersed with tiny naps, he finally went back to sleep.

He didn't have a hungry day yesterday. Or at least he didn't have an eating day, anyway. He just wasn't interested. And none of his PJs with shoes (i.e., the super-warm ones) were clean. So maybe he was hungry or maybe he was cold or maybe it was something entirely different. He's still doing great with his naps, so that's not it.


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