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04:26 pm: Conversations after Dinner
"Mommy! Track brokenen! Fix track Mommy!"
As I fixed the track, Teddy asserted: "Tractor broke it!"

* * * * *

Teddy and I were sharing hot chocolate.
"Yummy yummy, Mommy. More hot chocolate!"
"Too hot!"
So we blew on each spoonful together.
"Mommy dripped!"
...and so I did. I can't be trusted with liquids.

* * * * *

Teddy was eating Swedish fish. (It was actually a very nutritious evening. He had yogurt, an apple, brown rice, and cheese before he moved on to hot chocolate and Swedish fish... and they were mini-Swedish fish.)
"More fish, Mommy!"
"What do you say, Teddy?"
"More fish please Mommy! OK-ay!"
I put a half-dozen Swedish fish out, and reminded him: "One at a time, Teddy."
He very carefully selected one, put it in his mouth, selected another, put it in his mouth, selected another, put it in his mouth, and continued until they were all in his mouth... but one at a time. When his cheek was bulging out like a chipmunk, he chewed all the fish.

* * * * *

Teddy hasn't nursed since this morning. The magic boobies look as though they're ready to eat Manhattan, and feel as if they should be named Mt. Vesuvius and Krakatoa.

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