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06:08 am: Dining Out
We don't eat out very often, because it's easier to get take out and not worry about anyone running around, getting bored, and refusing to eat what's ordered. And it's even harder if Teddy does that, too.

But last night we ventured out to dinner at Johnny's Luncheonette with my brother, which was fun. Johnny's is pretty kid-friendly (though not as much so as I remembered -- why did I think they had jukeboxes?) and has a diverse menu, so 'most anyone can find something to eat.

We ordered the child's grilled cheese plate for Teddy. He ate about a quarter of the grilled cheese and every single french fry, although eventually he pleaded with me to "dip, Mama!" I guess ketchup embalming gets really tiring after a while. He was also eager to try what other people ordered, though he spat out every. single. bite. That's cole slaw, sweet potato fries, and many, many pieces of broccoli. I don't know why he thought different pieces of broccoli would taste different, but he'd eagerly pick out a piece, hold it up to his open mouth, wrinkle his nose, and drop it back on the plate.

Peter got to see why the "puking" that's so funny at home may not be the best behavior to encourage, as Teddy was puking at his reflection in the mirror, puking on his plate, and puking randomly. Charming.

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