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05:54 am: Catching Up: Over Everybody’s Shoulder, Piston Cup!
I have no idea what that means, but it's what Teddy said as he was playing. The cars in The Cars movie race for the Piston Cup, but I don't know what Teddy though was over our shoulders and why it made him think Piston Cup.

Because I had to work a half-day (the second half being allocated to our kickoff meeting in the evening), Peter took Teddy to Starbucks. I expected Two Wired Boys to return, but they were pretty normal. And they brought me a cookie. And the prices were normal (i.e., Starbucks-inflated). I was happy when they returned (even more than usual) because I'd been reading a book on semantics in preparation for developing our taxonomy. It's some dry reading. Death Valley dry. Sahara dry. Moon dry. DRY.

After Teddy's nap, we wanted to do something that was "Miami" instead of "hotel room," so we rode the monorail. As Dave Barry points out so astutely, the monorail doesn't go anyplace particularly useful or interesting, but it did give us a (low-flying) bird's-eye view of a (small portion of) Miami. And Teddy loved "driving the train" (sitting in the front and rotating his hands back and forth on the window).

It was cool enough to run around outside after three times 'round the monorail, so we did. We strode along (occasionally jogging at an attempt to make Teddy feel we were running with him), checking out the various barriers (leftover from the marathon, perhaps?), circling the sidewalks, talking to the birds ("hi birds! bye birds!"), saying hi to the boats again, and generally enjoying the sunshine (a nice breeze, a late afternoon, and tons of sunblock will do that, even for the super-pale among us).

We did discover that Miami grass stains your feet... and your shoes. Thankfully, I was able to get a (complementary! w00t!) shoeshine before the evening event.

As I was checking email back at the hotel, Teddy carefully lined up all the tops of his markers on the rug. He was making flowers, he told me. Then, with a "ready, set, boom," he toppled them all over.

So maybe he'll be a deconstructionist horticulturist.

When I got back to the room after the reception, I immediately took out my contact lenses, which were sticking to my eyeballs. Peter was changing Teddy's diaper, which he'd just changed a couple of hours before. He brought it to me to feel how astonishingly heavy it had become in so short a time. As I was feeling its weight, Teddy called out from the bedroom: "Mama, I'm peeing!"

And Peter hadn't put anything over or under him.

Then, while I was brushing my teeth a few minutes later, Teddy came and clung to my leg: "Mama, I'm poopy!" He was upset, so I reassured him that "it's ok, Teddy. Everybody poops. Daddy poops. Mommy poops. Teddy poops. Daddy will take care of you."

Housekeeping came as we were changing Teddy's diaper. Teddy lay back, elbows out, and said "everybody cleans. Daddy cleans. Mommy cleans. Man cleans."

Note that "Teddy cleans" did not get mentioned.

Next installment: Teddy the Social Ostrich

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