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06:00 am: Caught up
So this is it for catching up on the trip to Miami...

Our last day was pretty frantic. I was packing, working, and running around like crazy, while Peter was keeping track of Teddy. It was a tough day. Teddy got lots of exercise, but very little time outdoors. The timing of my work obligations was such that doing anything special (e.g., the Railroad Museum, which I'd really wanted to do), would've been very tight. Between the timing and the expense of cabs to and from, we stayed in the hotel. Teddy played trains on the lines on the carpet instead. Whoopee.

We shared a coach to Ft. Lauderdale with 6 of my colleagues who were on the same flight. It was packed, with luggage overflowing the back luggage area and the front seat and people crammed into every seat. Two people got quite car sick, and Teddy wanted to "leave bye-bye car now please 'k?" Traffic was awful. No fun at all.

When we got to JetBlue, the kiosk said that Peter and I were in one row and Teddy in another, so we had to check in at the counter (no biggie, but wtf?). It was a relief to check that ginormous suitcase (plus one).

Then... get this... We had to take off Teddy's shoes at security. Because Robeez shoe bombs are all the rage. We also had to dump the apple juice in his sippy cup. Fer pete's sake.

The flight went fine. More Sponge Bob Squarepants. More Flintstones. More apple juice. More animal crackers. And I got to see Iron Chef for the first time (a spoof of which was featured in the follies, so I particularly enjoyed it). There were many, many dishes involving fennel. I didn't get to see the results though.

The Food Network (particularly Alton Brown) and HGTV were staple viewing during my pregnancy, so it was sorta nostalgic.

In any case, Teddy fell asleep just as we began our initial descent into Boston, then woke up on the jetway. Then he fell asleep again as we crossed the border into West Roxbury, and woke up when we arrived. As I carried his car seat into the house he said "we're home!" with considerable relief.

Me too, kid, me too.

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