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05:04 am: Sorry! I hurt myself
When Teddy knocks into something, he's taken to saying "sorry! I hurt myself," usually quite cheerfully.

Peter tells me that Teddy can identify whether a guitar or piano is playing when Peter plays music for him. He still thinks that much of Peter's music is scary, which I believe is another good sign for his musicality.

* * * * *

I gave beds apart another go last night, but it was a no-go. I moved them back together around 10:30. It wasn't as bad a night as the night before, but it wasn't as good as recent nights have been.

In other words, Teddy woke up. A bunch.

The bed rail I ordered had come, so I put it up on the boy big bed. Teddy was thrilled at first, until he realized I couldn't nurse him there. I may move the rail over to create just enough of a gap at one end for him to squeeze out. As it was, he slept with his head at the foot of the bed, so he could look out and see me next to him.

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