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09:32 am: I feel sad
Teddy has started trying to identify his feelings for us. "I feel sad" and "I feel bad" both seem to mean approximately what "I'm scared" did a few weeks ago: I think something's going to happen that I don't like (or something's going to stop happening that I do like). Something like Mommy's going to leave or we're going to stop playing.

I think it's time to break out the Baby Faces book again. He also thinks the mouse in his Krtek puzzle is sad, when the mouse is actually scared that Krtek is going to land his plane on him.

* * * * *

We played outside in the snow this weekend.

By "we," I mean Teddy played and I stood around to pick him up if he fell down. I sometimes also kicked snowballs.

By "play," I mean Teddy squished snowballs, climbed the hill, fell down the hill, and ran back and forth until he fell.

By "snow," I mean the 4" of packed ice that accumulated in the yard.

By "snowballs," I mean clumps of ice thrown by shoveling.

By "hill," I mean the gentle slope of packed ice that is perhaps 6" higher than the rest of the yard.

By "ran," I mean shuffled back and forth in his struction veekle boots.

By "struction veekle boots," I mean boots with pictures of snow plows on the front.

Now that I've defined all the terms, I trust you understand my confusion at Teddy's utter delight in the activity.

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