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08:03 am: not so sick
Teddy and I are both feeling considerably better today. It was a roughish night (actually, the first half was quite marvelous; the second was a big ol' stinker), but we got through it without Benadryl, so that's good. We're both coughing some, but we seem to have moved on from Episode 1: Revenge of the Boogers, which is definitely good.

At breakfast, Teddy had real bananas for the first time. Totally dug 'em. When his little Zoe-O's (organic Cheerios -- I'm a nutcase about GEI and pesticides these days) fall out of his mouth, he just lets them fall where they may (preferably the floor). When a wee little dab of banana threatened to escape, he shoved that sucker right back in.

And then (drum roll please)... he drank from his sippy cup. All by himself. Grabbed those two little handles, raised it to his mouth, and sucked down some water (spring-fed bottled water, natch... have I mentioned I'm a nutcase?). He's been holding the cup for a couple of weeks, but has never managed to coordinate getting the spout on the right side, holding the handles, and getting it to his mouth simultaneously.

Another little sticker for the baby book.

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