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12:05 pm: Breakfast of Champions
Champion whiners, that is.

We went out for breakfast to be out of the house while the cleaner is doing his thing. We went to Auntie B's, a local diner-type place that I've never been to... 11½ years in this town and I've never been. Shameful.

It's pretty much the same as the other diner-type place that's closer to us, so no big regrets there.

Teddy had about ¼ of a muffin the size of his head. Small exaggeration, but it was bigger than my fist, and I have pretty big hands. He also indulged freely in "DIP MAMA," by which I mean hash browns with ketchup.

Everything was going great. Teddy was eating huge quantities of glorified cake and being quiet. Peter and I were enjoying our breakfast. Life was good.

Then someone sat down in the booth behind us and :GASP: waved at Teddy.

Oh, the tragedy! Oh, the agony! Oh, the whining!

Teddy dropped down on the seat, shoved his face in my lap, and would not sit back up. Not for juice. Not for muffin. Not for DIP MAMA. Nothin'.

Current Mood: crankycranky
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