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06:00 am: Weekend Walks
Saturday was warm, so we spent a lot of time outside. I read Harry Potters, pushed Teddy on his tricycle, and rescued him from the occasional slippery snow. Teddy ran back and forth "very very fast," made periodic attempts at pushing the pedals on his tricycle, and stomped on the remaining snow.

We went inside when Teddy decided it was time to wash his hands.

Sunday warmed up later. While Peter was at yoga, Teddy and I went for a walk. We went up the hill, which was "very hard, cawwyoo?" It's not much of a hill, but he didn't have much of a nap, either, so his energy wasn't great.

On the way up the hill, :drum roll please:

Teddy said "hi" to some little girls! Teddy. Said. Hi. All by himself. With no prompting from me. SAID HI. VOLUNTARILY. To people he'd never met before.

And he said "bye peoples!" as we passed.

Holy crap.

Anyhoo, we then went to Owl's Head so Teddy could check out the school I'd like him to attend. He wanted to go inside, but it was locked (not that I checked). We looked at the playground (also locked... and I did check), which he liked very much. There were "three different dump trucks" in the sand box. And what more could a boy want?

We got back home, stopping to see the windmills and frogs and flamingos and cats and 'nother frog in a neighbor's yard, and carefully avoiding the "nasty dog poop" on the sidewalk.

Teddy let me know he wanted to stay outside by closing the gate in front of the driveway and saying "stay outside!" So we did round 2 of running very very fast, squelching a bit (the snow from the morning had melted into an oozy muck).

We went inside when Teddy decided it was time to wash his hands.

After dispersing bubbles around the bathroom, he dried off his hands, climbed into his chair, and said "I'm very excited."

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Date:March 27th, 2007 11:41 am (UTC)
Heartwarming. We're really looking forward to our visit!
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