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06:00 am: Teddy's Visit with Grampa & Grampa: The Aftermath
Teddy and I were playing with his cars ("crash!" "oh no!" etc.). He'd pull out a car and say "what's that car?" After a few rounds, I realized that my role was to identify its color. I'd say "that's a yellow car," whereupon he would zoom it around for a little while, then go get another car. Repeat.

He got his green Hummer matchbox (knockoff) and said "what's that car?"

"It's a green Hummer, Teddy."

"It's a green car," he retorted.

"OK, it's a green car."

"Grampa Grampa's car!"

"Grandma & Grandpa drive a white SUV, Teddy."

He fetched the white H2 matchbox (knockoff) and said "Grampa Grampa's car!"

The subtle differences between a Hummer and a hybrid Toyota Highlander have apparently eluded him.

"Grampa Grampa's car! Grampa Grampa in there, white car. Go get milk. Ev'ybody go get milk in white car."


He drove the two Hummers side by side down the table. "Ev'ybody cruising." (In the Cars movie, the cars cruise down the road that Lightning McQueen fixed.)

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