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06:00 am: mine basket!
Teddy and I went to the Easter Egg Hunt on Foxboro Common this weekend. It wasn't actually so much an egg hunt as an egg pick-up, as they made no attempt whatsoever to hide the eggs. It's probably just as well. While not exactly fraught with peril, the event is ripe with opportunity for clashes, conflicts, and tears.

Apparently they back a truck up onto the Common and dump out the whole load of candy-filled plastic eggs. They then cordon off various areas for various age groups. The 1-3 area had no more than 12" between eggs -- and mostly it was more like 3-6".

Shortly before 10:00, the Easter Bunny came out of the fire station (alas, she did not arrive on a fire engine, as we were told she would), hugged some kids, ladled out high-5s with wild abandon, and signaled the beginning of the first "hunt" (Teddy's own).

The kids (and some parents) then toddled out, baskets flailing, into a wild scrum of egg-gathering.

In what is surely an Easter miracle, no one was hurt. There were no signs, even, of hurt feelings. I was mildly miffed that the kids with the most eggs were suspiciously young, but none of the kids seemed to mind.

[Mama vent: How does a one-year-old who can't walk get 3 times as many eggs as a sturdy three-year-old? He doesn't! But his parents just might. And for that matter, how many gummi fruits and chocolate kisses does a one-year-old eat? Not as many as her parents will! Seriously? Why pick up more eggs on your kid's behalf than other kids pick up for themselves? To teach them a great lesson in greed? /end Mama vent]

In any case, Teddy didn't care. He was delighted with his 8 or so eggs, despite half being filled with gummi fruits (which he will taste, but not eat). He had a great time. Until he had to stand in line to get his picture taken with the Easter Bunny ("had to" translates to "Mommy made him"), which wasn't as fun as running around.

We went with M, a high school friend of mine (whom I'd not seen for 20 years), S, her husband, and T, her three-year-old son. It was wonderful to see (and meet) them!

M has such wonderful memories of my parents -- it was lovely to hear her tell stories. I have wonderful memories of them myself, but I tend to remember the more recent wonderful events better than the wonderful events of 25 years ago.

I hope we'll all get together again soon (I hope Peter will join us next time). S and Peter have a lot in common (S is British, not Czech, but went through a whole rigmarole to get his green card and all that, has enthusiastically adopted his new city, loves to travel, loves baseball, etc.), and M and I have tons of shared old history, plus a fair amount of similar recent experiences, especially being older mothers to little boys.

Now if I can just kick this gum infection and avoid having my molar extracted, that would be peachy.

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