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06:05 pm: I want that house!
Teddy and I went to Winchester on Sunday for a photo shoot (for a friend's business). Teddy was great -- very cooperative and sweet, no tantrums (until he got home... oy!). But the house!

Oh, that house. I want that house. Fortunately for my finances, it just sold.

If I did plan to spend $795K on a house, I suppose I ought to look at a couple of others before throwing my money down, but... I want that house.

It's not brick. The driveway is very, very steep. The backyard would need to be fenced in, the front walk pavers fixed, and the back porch refinished. But it's otherwise pretty much perfect.

From the front, it looks like a modest little house. Maybe 15 steps down to the front yard from the street, with a tidy terraced garden (looks like low-maintenance plants). There's a small grassy area with a couple of trees. There's a narrow strip of lawn down to the left, alongside the very, very steep driveway. There's a wider strip of lawn on the right, alongside the neighbor's fence. The doorway is in the middle, and there are two wide bay windows on either side. There's a small covered entryway in front of the door, with potted herbs. (There's also a small backyard that looks over the neighbors' back yards down the steep hill.)

When you step in the house, you're in a central hallway with the stairs to the second floor on your left. Living room with fireplace on the right, dining room behind the living room, three-season porch with jalousie windows behind that. Kitchen at the end of the hall, next to the dining room (full bath next to the kitchen). The kitchen isn't eat-in, but it's spacious, with gorgeous appliances and ample counter and storage space. There's a small uncovered porch out the back door, with stairs down to the driveway. Tons o' fully-enclosed storage beneath the porches (with sliding doors, I think). Attached garage beneath the house. Finished basement, with laundry room, tons o' wiring (stereo and computer), and a room that's currently an exercise room. With a small fireplace.

But back on the first floor... To the left of the kitchen is a guest room. To the left of that is a nice-sized den. And beyond that is a home office that goes the length of the house (two full-sized desks, a large table, several bookcases, tons o' clutter, but room to move easily).

The second floor has two extremely large bedrooms (each with an ample closet) and a full bath (big walk-in shower, tons o' storage). Hardwood floors throughout the house, including the exercise room. Beautifully painted walls, with different colors in each room. Crown moldings. Bead board on the ceiling over the stairs to the basement. Beautiful faucets. Lots of lovely details.

Winchester has good schools, too.

Oh well!

Today, Teddy still wants to do everything with OC. Peter suggested they go out someplace. Teddy's reply: "OKay! See OC!!"

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Date:April 3rd, 2007 11:04 am (UTC)

That house

That's the trouble with seeing something you think is perfect. (And that does sound pretty darned close to it for your family.) Try to pick holes in it -- how much would David charge to clean it? How many leaves would those trees produce? You didn't mention any bookshelves. How could you live without them? And the clincher: How could you pay that much for a house without an eat-in kitchen? :)
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Date:April 3rd, 2007 12:07 pm (UTC)

Re: That house

I know, I know. And yet:
We couldn't afford David (or anything else) if we bought the house, so that's moot.
The trees are much smaller than the maple tree in front of our house now.
We have bookshelves. There's room for tons of bookshelves. All of the ones from Teddy's room could easily fit into the home office, with room to spare.
No eat-in kitchen, but a lovely dining room, a back porch, and the 3-season porch, where I suspect we would eat any time it was possible.
The driveway is the biggest problem. It's EASILY twice as steep as yours, with little room to maneuver at the bottom.
In any case, it's already sold. And although I do believe we would get approval for a mortgage, there's NO WAY I would cripple myself that way.
Date:April 7th, 2007 08:34 pm (UTC)
It would be lovely if you moved to Winchester though. Schools are good. Snow is completely cleared from all roads in the winter. And you'd be minutes from me!
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Date:April 9th, 2007 01:18 pm (UTC)

That would be fantastic!

Got $300K to give me? 'Cause that would make the mortgage quite manageable. I'd deal with the driveway.

OK, fair 'nough: Peter would deal with the driveway. But I'd be very sympathetic.
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