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06:00 am: Montessori & Why not?
Peter and I visited Owl's Head yesterday to observe the classes. It was weird and wonderful, fascinating and scary. I took a bunch of notes while we were there - questions to ask the director (whose children I would bear if I weren't past the possibility and, y'know, already married) and things to remember and words to describe it.

As we headed home, I asked Peter what he thought. He reminded me that he had nothing to contrast it with, having never attended school in the U.S.

I told him the words I'd written down: quiet, tidy, cooperative, autonomy, responsibility, and individuality.

I contrasted those words with some words and phrases to describe a public school, like obedience, silence interspersed with mayhem, and drawing inside the lines. (Peter said that sounded a lot like Czech schools.)

I was a kid who did just fine with obedience and drawing inside the lines. I know lots of other kids who did fine with that, too. And I know some who were miserable. And I don't know what kind of kid Teddy is yet.

Friends of ours sent their daughter to public kindergarten. I don't recall if she went to pre-school before that, but they were so disappointed in the public school that they pulled her out and paid for private school. They said she forgot everything she already knew (like the alphabet and counting) and learned how to sit in a circle and stand in a line.

And this was in Needham, which is supposed to have good schools.


My other friend, who sent most of her boys to Montessori, said that her Montessori boys (4 of the 5) come home, sit down, and do their homework. They're completely self-directed. (She did point out that her non-Montessori boy, while still a sophomore in college at 23, just sold his World of Warcraft character for $2K.)

I like Owl's Head. A lot. I love the idea of Teddy getting the socializing and individual attention and the room to grow and learn in his own way.

The $11,885? ($10,650 for 4 days) That I don't love.

But we'll see what happens after the teachers meet Teddy next week.

* * * * *

Teddy was climbing into the basket under his stroller.

"Getting in the fireplace," he told me.

"Is that the fireplace, Teddy? Why are you getting in the fireplace?"

"Get warm!"

"The fireplace may not be a good place to sit, honey."

"Why not?"

Well mercy me! After months of "why?" We have a "why not?"

"Because the fire is in the fireplace. You don't want to burn yourself."

"Not burn self. Put fire off."

Okey doke. We're all set then.

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